We will conduct a comprehensive testing of your business for vulnerabilities in terms of software or network interventions.
Code review and analysis
We will find problematic areas in software written in different programming languages. С ++, PHP, Python, Ruby, 1C: Enterprise, etc.
Social engineering
We will check whether your employees are subject to social engineering methods and advise what to do if such is the case.
Analysis of IT infrastructure
We will check your infrastructure for safety and reliability. We will scan the network and find unprotected spots. We will define a plan for rebuilding networks or other infrastructure.
Web resources survey
We will check whether your sites and mobile applications are securely protected. We will conduct a comprehensive survey aimed at locating vulnerabilities.
We will teach your employees the basics of information security. We will conduct trainings and seminars where we will tell and show what should be done and how to deal with intruders.
Научим Ваших сотрудников основам информационной безопасности. Проведём тренинги и семинары, расскажем и покажем чего нельзя делать и как бороться с злоумышленниками.