Federal security company
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AN-Security is the undoubted leader in the field of security in Russia and beyond.
Federal operator of technical security
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Technical and physical security services throughout Russia.
Falk Technics
Design and installation of technical security equipment
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The company provides its clients with services for the design, installation and maintenance of technical security equipment and security systems.
1C - Битрикс
Developer of content management systems and more.
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The company supplies and develops a unique product - CMS 1C-Bitrix, which runs most of the sites and web resources in Russia.
3CX Communications
Provider and developer of software solutions for telephony
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Proven German developer of a unique IP PBX for call and video conferencing management.
A leading supplier and developer for the Russian IT industry
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One of the leaders of the Russian IT industry, a leading manufacturer of software, including secure operating systems and virtualization platforms